caffeinated: (Default)
illie ([personal profile] caffeinated) wrote2019-12-23 12:35 pm

intro post

Hello, everybody! If we're moving over here now, it's me, illie.

I am far less active on journal communities than I wish to be. You can usually find me on twitter or tumblr more than I post entries.

Unless LJ fixes the clusterfuck that's the new layout, I'm coming over here because the new LJ layout is a goddamn mess and it makes fic reading and request memes a real chore to read.

This journal will follow the same system that I had for my lj. Personal posts are friends (circle?) only. Icon posts, art posts, and any other things I may create in a fit of productivity (increasingly rare) are unlocked for the community at large, in case there's any interest.

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